Learning sitar with the sitar project

Watch this film to get a flavour of what its like learning the sitar. This short documentary explores student experiences of learning sitar with the sitar project. The film features three sitar students - Emil Pilavsky, Rapolas Daugantis, and Amanina Alwani - and Alec Cooper, co-director of and tutor at theSitarProject.

Thanks so much to Adam Howells for all the work he put into shooting and editing this film.

Rag Bageshree performed by members of theSitarProject

Students of theSitarProject perform Rag Bageshree at the Reid Concert Hall in April 2017. Led by theSitarProject co-Director and tutor Alec Cooper the students perform two compositions with tans and jhala set in tintal (16 beats). Tabla accompaniment by Mike Black.

Congratulations to Ewa Adamiec, Emil Pilavsky, Rapolas Daugintas, Courtney Hann for their great performance.